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Events & Conferences
  • DEC 10
  • Hanukkah (December 10–18)
    Play the dreidel game, build a menorah, or hold a Hanukkah scavenger hunt to celebrate the Festival of Lights with you elementary students.
    Read it on our Shaped blog.

  • DEC 25
  • Christmas
    Engage your students with Christmas activities including a holiday wish list, a Christmas debate, and crafts. Read it on our Shaped blog.

  • DEC 26
  • Kwanzaa (December 26–January 1)
    Teach elementary students the seven principles of Kwanzaa this season with a free memory game or a paper kinara classroom activity.
    Read it on our Shaped blog.

  • JAN 01
  • Happy New Year!

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All Green And Good To Go!

EdReports’ panel of expert educators has found that HMH’s core K–12 literacy and math program offerings meet their key criteria at every grade level with a GREEN rating, representing EdReports’ highest ranking.

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HMH  EdReports  Scorecard

NEW! Custom Arizona Social Studies Classroom Library for Grade 3!


Proven Solutions


HMH is committed to providing proven solutions for all learners in PreK–12.

Accelerate your students’ academic success with engaging programs that include rich instructional content,
daptive assessments, technology-driven targeted intervention, and professional learning. 

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