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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® is dedicated to providing educators with options for integrating digital content into the classroom. We deliver award-winning, proven content to your Pre-K–12 students any way you want to receive it, with options that are flexible, accessible, comprehensive, and engaging.

Digital Tools Offering

Ed: Your Friend in Learning

Ed: Your Friend in Learning is a new online learning system that combines the best of technology, HMH® content, and instruction to personalize the teaching and learning experience for every teacher and student. The system, with its intuitive pathways, is designed to be a friend to learners while supporting teachers by simplifying their instructional practice.

HMH Player

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s flagship GO Math!™ K–12 series, HMH Player™ is redefining digital and classroom instruction for teachers and providing a truly interactive, personalized learning experience for students. Digital lessons are the primary method of instructional delivery and follow the research-based 5E Model of Instruction, providing a lesson framework that balances the need for procedural fluency and conceptual development with the Mathematical Practices. The Digital Teacher Experience is also built around HMH Player, which supports teachers through every stage of their instruction, from planning and implementation, to assessment and remediation.

Google Field Trips

As a Google® content partner, HMH has developed field trips for Google Expeditions. Using a simple Google Cardboard™ device and a smartphone, students are swept away into 3D, 360-degree experiences in fascinating locations, directly tied to science content! A Teacher Guide provides ideas for incorporating the Expeditions into your lessons, as well as tips on how to guide and customize the experience.

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