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Math Solutions

Numeracy counts for academic success. It counts for college achievement. It counts for career growth and future achievement. And, yet American students have fallen behind other nations in math performance for years. HMH® is committed to giving mathematics instruction the attention it deserves so students can fall in love with math, and we can close the math gap.

HMH Into Math —Grades K-8

Grades K-8

The key to learning mathematics is understanding the “why” behind the “how”. HMH Into Math emphasizes the importance of establishing conceptual understanding and reinforces that understanding with procedural practice. The learning model asks students to first develop their reasoning before connecting their understanding to concepts and skills. HMH Into Math is more than just a solution, it’s a vision for student growth.

Student Experience

HMH Into Math delivers a learning experience that keeps students engaged in mathematics. The skills students build with HMH Into Math push them to grow in their mathematical thinking and practice. Resources in the solution are designed to ensure accessibility and achievement for all.

Differentiate for Every Need

  • Individual: Leveled student resources mean individual students can work through “On My Own” problems that match their level and support their growth.
  • Small Group: At math task center stations, students work together on games and activities that reinforce lessons and talk between peers.
  • Teacher Guided: Teacher tabletop flipchart activities give students the chance to work directly on the skills they need with teacher guidance. Additional proficiency level supports included help engage English language learners.


Conceptual Meets Procedural

HMH Into Math supports students as they develop their conceptual understanding and grow into procedurally fluent mathematicians. Lessons begin with the opportunity for students to express what they already know and challenge themselves with what might be coming next. Question prompts throughout lessons check understanding and motivate students to start conversations about mathematics using mathematical language.


The Learning Arc

With productive perseverance at the forefront, HMH Into Math features a unique learning arc in which every module weaves together conceptual understanding and procedural fluency, with application throughout, with a rigorous framework designed to boost students’ math thinking skills.


The Lesson Design

Every lesson begins with rigor right from the start. Independent learning tasks encourage students to practice productive perseverance by jumping into a new challenge or working collaboratively to solve problems while teachers guide and differentiate instruction.



Predict and Accelerate Growth

HMH Into Math was built to ensure growth for each and every student.

With confident educators and empowered students, the journey toward a true depth of understanding and a culture of growth in every mathematics classroom becomes an achievable reality.


  • Invest in You: Ensure confidence in mathematics instruction with embedded tools and technology, and gain back the time to focus on helping your students.
  • Create Fearless Problem Solvers: Build student confidence by helping them unlock higher mathematical thinking and develop productive perseverance in problem solving.
  • Foster a Culture of Growth: Using the research and support of Mindset Works® combined with powerful data analytics and dynamic teacher supports, the result is a learning culture where all embrace learning mathematics.

HMH Into AGA —Grades 9-12

Grades 9-12

HMH Into AGA seamlessly builds on Into Math™ with a comprehensive Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 curriculum for high school students. Into AGA™ provides the depth of knowledge, complexity of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application students need for critical assessments, calculus, college, and career. HMH Into AGA is more than just a solution, it’s a vision for student growth.

GO MATH!® —Grades K-8

Grades K-8

Math instruction is always evolving, with new approaches to pedagogy, engagement, and technology. GO Math!® meets students and teachers on their math journey, raising student achievement scores and supporting teachers along the way.

Math In Focus®: Singapore Math® —Grades K-8

Grades K-8

When children can’t find the meaning in numbers and symbols, solving problems is a struggle. Math in Focus®: Singapore Math® by Marshall Cavendish® © 2018 helps students make sense of math. Through hands-on learning, visualization, and pictorial representations, their understanding, confidence, and love of math grows.

Math Expressions —Grades Pre-K-6

Grades Pre-K-6

Based on research funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Math Expressions is a proven Pre-K–6 curriculum that helps children make sense of math by exploring, discussing, and demonstrating their understanding of key concepts. In busy, active lessons, students learn how to look deeper and choose their own path to the answers—skills that will take them far beyond the math classroom.

HMH® Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 (AGA) —Grades 9-12

Grades 9-12

Current math standards are in place to ensure that today’s students become tomorrow’s problem solvers. HMH® Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 (AGA) was developed to help address those standards and turn students into problem solvers who master concepts, become fluent with procedures, and apply the principles they’ve learned to real-world situations.

Saxon Math™ —Grades K-12

Grades K-12

To master mathematics, students need to build on prior learning—what new concepts they can learn depends on which concepts they already know. Saxon Math™ provides a learning structure proven to advance students steadily and assuredly to higher levels of understanding.

MATH 180® —Grades 5-12

Grades 5-12

For struggling older students who are two or more years behind in math, time is of the essence. Reteaching every missed skill and concept is simply not possible. MATH 180® is a revolutionary math intervention program that focuses on deep understanding and mastery of the essential skills and concepts necessary to unlock algebra and advanced mathematics.

FASTT Math® —Grades 2-9

Grades 2-9

Developed by Dr. Ted Hasselbring, the FASTT Math® algorithm utilizes the expanding recall model to systematically move facts from working to long-term memory to increase the speed and accuracy of fact retrieval. The adaptive technology works by strategically interspersing new facts with fluent facts, controlling response time, and providing instant corrective feedback while allowing for customized pacing, visual and auditory instruction, and opportunities for accountability. FASTT Math puts confidence and competency within reach for students.

Do The Math® —Grades 1-5

Grades 1-5

Created by Marilyn Burns, one of America’s most trusted math educators, Do The Math® provides flexible, classroom-tested instruction for building numerical reasoning and restoring confidence. We start where the math stopped making sense and give teachers hands-on strategies to build their understanding and confidence.

HMH Math Inventory —Grades K-12

Grades K-12

HMH Math Inventory is an adaptive, research-based assessment that reliably measures math ability and progress from Kindergarten to Algebra II in significantly less time than traditional assessments. Smart praise, based on mindset research, reinforces student knowledge and keeps confidence high throughout the assessment. Once complete, teachers are provided with data that have been transformed into actionable teaching strategies for each student.

HMH® Integrated Mathematics 1, 2, 3 —Grades 9-12

Grades 9-12

Current math standards are in place to ensure that today’s students become tomorrow’s problem solvers. HMH® Integrated Mathematics 1, 2, 3 was developed to help address those standards and turn students into problem solvers who master concepts, become fluent with procedures, and apply the principles they’ve learned to real-world situations. While presenting algebra and geometry in a traditional three-course path, Integrated Mathematics 1, 2, 3 delivers this content with a truly innovative, adaptive approach, offering the rigor, depth of coverage, and guidance needed to prepare students for success on high-stakes assessments, in college, and in their careers.

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