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  • OCT 17
  • Florida Foreign Language Association (FFLA) 2019 | Orlando, FL (October 17-19)

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  • OCT 17
  • Florida Council of Teachers of Math Annual Conference (FCTM) 2019 | Jacksonville, FL (October 17-19)

  • OCT 18
  • Florida Council Social Studies (FCSS) 2019 | Orlando, FL (October 18-20)

  • OCT 22
  • Florida Association of Science Supervisors Conference (FASS) 2019 | St. Augustine, FL (October 22–24)

  • OCT 22
  • HMH Webinar Series | Strategies for SEL Success Hosted by Nancy-Geer Hamilton | Webinar (7 pm EST)

    Why do we become educators? Some of us go into teaching because we love children. Others feel passionate about a subject area and want to share their expertise. Nancy-Geer Hamilton wanted to make a positive impact on school culture. She developed a way of holding students accountable for their actions throughout the school year. Her management style proved so effective that other educators visited her classroom to see it in action. Nancy’s method is teachable and replicable, and she loves sharing it!

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  • OCT 23
  • ICLE Future Ready Webinar:
    “Coaching Redefined: The Power of Instructional Coaching”
    Hosted by Sherry St. Clair

    Wednesday, October 23, 2019 | 4:00 PM ET | Register Now

  • OCT 24
  • Math Solutions Fall Webinar | STEM Round Table
    Michael DiSpezio
     | Webinar  (6 pm EST)

    Math Solutions has gathered four STEM experts to help you think about improving student learning in STEM education. You’ll hear many perspectives on STEM and focus on STEM in the classroom, how science education has evolved, the future of science education, and the inclusion of technology and mathematics in STEM education.

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  • OCT 24
  • Florida Association of Science Teachers Conference (FAST) 2019 | St Augustine, FL (October 24-26)

  • OCT 26
  • Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) 2019 | Louisville, KY (October 26–29)

  • OCT 29
  • Science Webinar Series | Making Assessments Sparkle with Engineering Hosted by Dr. Cary Sneider | Webinar (7 pm EST)

    Engineering tasks challenge students to use their science know-how to solve real-world problems. The result: tangible evidence of three-dimensional learning. You can learn how to develop such assessments by checking out the free online examples from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as The Nation’s Report Card. These assessments are given to thousands of students across the country to check their science proficiency.

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  • OCT 29
  • Florida Charter Schools Conference (FCSC) 2019 | Orlando, FL (October 29-31)

  • NOV 02
  • Florida Literacy Association Conference (FLA) 2019 | Orlando, FL (November 2-3)

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  • NOV 05
  • Science Webinar Series | Addressing Access & Equity in the Science Classroom Hosted by Aaron Levy | Webinar (7 pm EST)

    Teachers are always on the lookout for new ways to support all of the learners in their classrooms, from students who struggle with reading to those who are ready to tackle more difficult concepts. The key is to meet students where they are and continuously develop their curiosity about the world around them. Join Aaron Levy as he explores differentiation and extension strategies that will support the full range of learners in our classrooms.

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  • NOV 08
  • Palm Beach Technology Conference (PBCSD) 2019 | Lantana, FL (November 8)

  • NOV 19
  • Florida Assoc of District Instructional Materials Admins Conference (FADIMA) 2019 | Howey-in-the-Hills, FL (November 19-22)

  • NOV 21
  • National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention (NCTE) 2019 | Baltimore, MD (November 21-24)

  • NOV 22
  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) 2019 | Washington, DC (November 22-24)

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  • JAN 14
  • The 40th National Future of Education Technology® Conference (FETC) 2020 | Miami, FLA (January 14-17, 2020)

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