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Into Reading™ Florida

Into Literature™ Florida

HMH Reading Intervention Florida

English Language Arts

HMH Into Reading™ Florida —Grades K-5

Grades K-5

With HMH Into Reading, you and your school will have access to rich content and standards-based instruction, assessments with actionable data insights, professional learning, and supplemental practice and instruction—all connected on the Ed learning platform.

Plan and teach with ease

  • Florida Program Guide helps you make the most of the HMH Into Reading Florida program with professional resources, planning tools, and an overview of all the programs Into Reading has to offer.
  • Florida B.E.S.T. Standards Lesson and Resource Finder will make planning lessons easy. Find resources by standard and module. The Lesson and Resource Finder helps you make each lesson your own.
  • Connected Teaching System powers end-to-end learning and insights in one centralized, connected learning platform to bring together assessments and instructional resources, and puts best-in-class professional learning at teachers’ fingertips.
  • Professional Support Teacher’s Corner provides on-demand professional learning resources that co-exist with assignments and assessments for a seamless experience.

HMH Into Literature™ Florida —Grades 6-12

Grades 6-12

HMH Into Literature Florida provides the instructional tools, rich pedagogy, and professional services to ensure that you and your students not only reach—but exceed—your instructional goals.

HMH Into Literature Florida offers rich content, actionable insights, personalized learning, and standards-based instruction—all within one seamless experience. With HMH’s system of connected solutions, you and your students have access to

  • assessments that pinpoint learning gaps, as well as driving content and grouping recommendations
  • instruction that provides the flexibility for whole-class, small-group, and independent, personalized learning
  • professional learning that is embedded within the instruction and available to enrich and enhance the classroom experience

HMH Reading Intervention —3-12


READ 180® Universal/System 44® provide intensive intervention support for striving readers in Grades 3-12. As a blended learning model consisting of whole- and small-group instruction, adaptive student software, and a cross-curricular print and digital independent library, READ 180 Universal/System 44 can be flexibly implemented to meet the instructional demands in the classroom and in remote learning environments.

Teacher Materials

  • Supports for meeting individual needs across day-to-day instruction
  •  Professional Development and resources to support maximizing instruction
  • Interchangeable Literacy License allows teachers to fit the solution to the individual student need

Engaging Student Materials

The ReaL Book includes:

  •  Front-loaded support
  • Language functions
  • Mid- and end-of-workshop assessments
  • Strategy toolkits to help students access complex texts and deepen understanding

Student Application features:

  • Cross-curricular content and connections
  • Personalized learning experience
  • Promotes student autonomy and choice

Cross-Curricular Independent Reading Titles

Each stage of instruction now includes over 120 texts.

  • A complete independent reading library including print titles and digital eBooks and eReads to
    extend beyond the classroom for all levels.

Amira Learning™ —K-3


Powered by AI and backed by decades of reading science, Amira includes an Oral Reading Fluency assessment and an accurate dyslexia screening test for Grades K–3.

Amira Learning™, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), provides 1:1 reading practice and administers both an oral reading fluency assessment and a dyslexia screener. Demonstrated effective with all students, including English learners, Amira saves teachers time by automating scoring and reporting.


Amira is a digital implementation of the TPRI® assessment and dyslexia screener, licensed by The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. TPRI is in use or approved by many departments of education, including the Texas Education Agency. Amira implements the TPRI and the TPRI dyslexia screener under license and works with the psychometricians who created and support TPRI, primarily Dr. David Francis.

Waggle® —Grades 2-8

Grades 2-8

Waggle is the award-winning adaptive Math and ELA solution that personalizes learning, unifies resources, and empowers teachers.

Focus on Actionable Insights
Unlike other programs, Waggle gauges students’ understanding DURING practice, eliminating the need for repeated assessment. The intelligent adaptive engine analyzes multiple data points (including behavioral) to provide students with the right practice at the right time.

Writable® —Grades 3-12

Grades 3-12

Writable Delivers the Robust Tools Needed for Improving Student Writing Across Genres.

Effective written communication brings power to expressing and sharing ideas. Every student deserves the opportunity to experience this power by practicing and becoming proficient in writing.

With a suite of robust tools, Writable delivers assignments and grading supports that free up time, so you can focus on guiding students on their journey to become skilled writers.

With Writable, your teaching benefits from:
  • Concrete strategies and built-in tools to help writers gain deeper insight into what makes a written work shine.
  • Accessible rubrics to inform self-reflection and help students deliver anonymous peer feedback across genres.
  • Digital tools to observe, comment, strategically grade and customize support to provide a transparent lens into individual student’s needs.
  • Auto-generated reports that offer data across standards-aligned skills, so you can make data-informed teaching decisions.

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