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English Language Development

HMH® is dedicated to providing solutions for Florida educators, families, and students who are part of the rapidly-growing English language learner community. Our programs focus on language development that prepares students for academic and lifelong success.

Access Newcomers —Grades 5 and up

Grades 5 and up

Develop beginning language, literacy, and content for newly arrived and beginning English language learners.

Escalate English® —Grades 6 - 8

Grades 6 - 8

Give striving middle school learners access to a wealth of compelling, multi modal text that fuels their desire to learn more and motivates them to want to share their growing knowledge with others.

CODiE Award Winner Escalate English helps your striving middle school learners realize their potential, not only as readers, speakers, and writers of academic English, but also as confident students who possess the skills needed for college and career success through:

  • Merging tools that learners use every day with 21st century digital tools that help make challenging content even more accessible for your students
  • Surrounding striving learners with rich, topically connected content to build their academic English proficiency while providing the support and tools needed to help them become successful readers, writers, and speakers
  • Supporting meaning-making at high depth-of-knowledge levels while providing learners ongoing opportunities to engage with their peers around content that gets and keeps them excited

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