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HMH Professional Services helps schools and districts achieve measurable gains with a person-to-person approach to professional learning centered on student outcomes. With coaching, courses, consulting, and collaboration, we help you identify your goals and create an explicit pathway to achieving them.

Introducing HMH Coaching Studio!

This unique platform is designed to help sustain and extend online coaching sessions through collaboration and reflection.

Featured Professional Learning

HMH Blended Professional Learning

Our professional coaches are ready to work flexibly with you on your time.

Our blended professional learning model moves beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to include online consulting, courses, and coaching that are flexible, collaborative, and personalized to your needs. Together, we help create meaningful learning experiences for long-term, sustainable growth with services that include:

  • Consulting: Our consultants act as an extension of your team, providing needs assessments, strategic plans, technical services, and executive leadership support to ensure your goals are met.
  • Coaching: Professional coaches from HMH, the International Center for Leadership in Education® (ICLE), and Math Solutions® are available on site and online to help teachers and leaders integrate new skills and strategies for real impact.
  • Courses: Whether focused on program implementation or building skills to enhance instructional practice, online courses help teachers and administrators ramp up quickly and effectively.
  • Collaboration: HMH’s Coaching Studio provides high-level, online opportunities for collaboration. Educators can also participate in professional learning conferences, webinars, social media, and more to share ideas and learn together.

Watch this recorded webinar featuring ICLE Senior Fellow Weston Kieschnick, to learn how blended professional learning can help you stay on top of your teaching game:

HMH Coaching Studio™

The HMH Coaching Studio helps sustain and extend online coaching sessions by providing a unique platform for collaboration and reflection.

Individuals can upload videos and classroom artifacts to receive feedback from peers and coaches, or use video recordings to debrief their own teaching.

Additionally, teachers and school leaders can form huddles to share videos and classroom artifacts, collaborate with coaches and peers, and engage in open, reflective dialogue with a focus on elevating student outcomes.

Blended Learning Strategies for Florida's HMH Classrooms

How can educators bring together the best of old school wisdom and new school technology to enhance instruction and improve student outcomes? View this on-demand webinar series and classroom resources to find out!

In this series, ICLE Senior Fellow and author Weston Kieschnick explores proven teaching strategies from Bold School, providing actionable insights and examples of how to implement them with HMH resources.

Kickoff Webinar: Bold School: Old School Wisdom + New School Technology = Blended Learning that Works

In this kickoff webinar, Weston outlines his Bold School Framework for Blended Learning. Explore how high impact teaching strategies can be effectively reimagined with a blended learning lens.

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Download the Bold School Interactive Framework

Series Follow Up Sessions: High Impact Teaching Strategies Through a Bold School Lens

You voted, and we listened! Our follow up webinars will take a deeper dive into select high impact teaching strategies, providing actionable insights and examples of how to implement them with HMH resources.

Reciprocal Teaching
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Download a Sample Activity for your HMH Program

Reciprocal teaching can be used effectively across all subject areas, including ELA, social studies, math and science, to improve literacy and comprehension with a simple four step process: Predict, Clarify, Question, and Summarize.

Highly Effective Vocabulary Strategies 
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Download a Sample Activity for your HMH Program

A highly effective vocabulary strategy is one that teaches in a structured way, where words are related to core concepts being learned and are delivered in context. Repetitive exposure and being able to picture words also promotes retention. Leveraging technology can amplify these strategies by creating rigorous thinking around words while helping to commit them to memory.

Meet the Coach!

Weston Kieschnick, of the International Center for Leadership in Education® (ICLE), has elevated student learning and driven change in multiple capacities. Weston began his educational career as a social studies teacher and department chair in Hamilton, Bermuda, where he was a three-time recipient of the public schools’ “Most Influential Teacher” award.

Now, Weston shares his expertise to help teachers stay on top of their game and create clear pathways for school and district transformation. An avid blogger and advocate of blended learning experiences, Weston motivates educators to move beyond the ordinary and reach their potential as true innovators for learning.


Inspire a Culture of Math Achievement

Improve the effectiveness of math instruction with Number Talks, Math Workshop, support for English Learners, and other professional learning opportunities from Math Solutions.

Math Solutions professional learning doesn’t just inspire individual teachers; it transforms the culture of a school. With more than 30 years of experience focusing exclusively on mathematics, Math Solutions helps your teachers deepen their content and pedagogical expertise in order to drive student learning.

Featured Solutions:

  • Number Talks‒This valuable classroom routine aids students in making sense of mathematics, developing efficient computation strategies, communicating reasoning, and proving solutions.
  • Math Workshop‒Our Professional Learning resource and course supports Math Workshop, a model for organizing standards-based instruction to support all learners in the mathematics classroom.
  • Supporting English Learners in Math‒English learners need ongoing and explicit language instruction to access mathematical content. This course focuses on the types of support needed for English learners to be successful in mathematics.
  • Coaching‒Delivered by Math Solutions coaching experts, our job-embedded individual and team coaching services support teachers by modeling lessons in the classroom and making sense of student and assessment data.


Spotlight on Orange County: Shifting Math Instruction Districtwide

Christine Campanaro, Senior Administrator, Elementary Math and K-12 MTSS for Orange County Public Schools shares her 4 Keys to Successfully Shifting Math Instruction Districtwide.

Balanced Literacy for Florida’s Readers and Writers

Building a strong foundation of literacy provides the groundwork for academic and career achievement, and nurtures a lifetime love of learning.

To prepare strong, confident readers and writers, we need to be equipped to meet the literacy needs of all students. Embracing a Balanced Literacy framework is an excellent start, but success rests on the strength of the instruction, leadership, and school culture that support it.

ICLE’s literacy solutions target the needs of leaders and teachers to grow awareness, develop expertise, and establish sustainable change:

  • Instructional Practices Assessment examines data to identify gaps in your Balanced Literacy initiative
  • Professional learning courses strengthen expertise of leaders and teachers
  • Job-embedded instructional and leadership coaching targets specific learning goals, such as:
    • Fostering student voice, resilience, and academic tenacity
    • Using data to support high impact reading and writing strategies
    • Supporting intervention practices to help struggling readers
    • Cultivating authentic experiences in reading and writing
    • Increasing rigorous and relevant learning and student engagement
    • Creating real-world opportunities for writing, revising, publishing, and presenting

Our Shared Journey

To create meaningful improvements to your literacy initiative, we’ll work side-by-side to:

International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)

Founded by Dr. Bill Daggett, ICLE develops and delivers best practices for leadership and instruction at scale.

Math Solutions

Founded by Marilyn Burns, Math Solutions focuses exclusively on the teaching and learning of math to transform instruction in your school.

Literacy Solutions

Our classroom-focused courses and expert coaching provide targeted professional learning focused on high-impact literacy strategies.

Special Education

Every special needs learner should be treated as an individual. Learn about our comprehensive instruction designed to accelerate students at their own pace.

Technical Services

HMH technical experts help optimize student outcomes with customized support for entire districts and individual classrooms.

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