With the demands of Georgia’s state ESSA plan and the constantly changing education system, we need to rethink how to ensure academic success. We can partner with you through Professional Learning designed to close achievement gaps and provide rigorous learning for all students.

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Featured Professional Learning

Professional learning from trusted, esteemed names like the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) and Math Solutions® enables you to embark on successful school transformation initiatives. Read on to learn more.

Meet the Demands of the Georgia State ESSA Plan

Develop a systemwide plan to meet the new demands of Georgia’s state ESSA plan with a focus on instructional leadership and building capacity to reach all students.

A partnership with ICLE begins with a Needs Assessment where we gather data around the current state of your district and schools. This data is analyzed during strategic planning and is used to guide recommended next steps for the long-term partnership. This data also serves as a measure of accountability as we continuously monitor implementation progress.

Our philosophy for creating a systemwide improvement plan is guided by the Daggett System for Effective Instruction (DSEI). The DSEI facilitates a coherent focus across the entire education organization—organizational leadership, instructional leadership, and teaching—on the development and support of instructional effectiveness to improve student achievement.



Building on the information gathered in the Needs Assessment, we collaborate with the leadership team to prioritize your needs, develop an action plan, and determine how to measure our efforts. All of this comes together in the Strategic Plan, which serves as a road map for your school improvement initiative.

  • To maximize the experience for instructional teams, we deliver a professional learning experience using a blended approach. Our foundational and deepening courses for leaders and teachers are augmented with high-quality classroom videos, lesson ideas, and associated resources to support virtual and job-embedded instructional coaching.
  • ESSA emphasizes the importance of professional learning as an ongoing process, embedded in an educator’s day-to-day work. From the classroom to the district office, our experienced coaches provide this sustained support, both in-person and virtually, to help you see results and continuous improvement.

Impact Study: Troup County School System

CHALLENGE: A 2015 instructional practice review revealed the need for a shift from a teacher- centered approach to student-centered learning that would enable application of knowledge in real-world situations and enhance college and career readiness.

SOLUTION: TCSS partnered with HMH Professional Services and the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) to develop a robust five-year professional learning plan for TCSS teachers.

RESULTS: Within one year of the partnership, two schools in the district ranked in the top 5% of Title I schools in the state, and four schools in the district ranked in the top 10% of Title I schools making the most progress in improving student performance.

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Transform Instruction with Rigor and Relevance

Transform instruction to raise achievement for all students—the Rigor/Relevance Framework centers on higher-order thinking to help students solve complex, real-world problems.

The Rigor/Relevance Framework is a tool developed by ICLE to examine curriculum, instruction, and assessment along the two dimensions of higher standards and student achievement. It can be used in the development of both instruction and assessment. In addition, teachers can use it to monitor their own progress in adding rigor and relevance to their instruction, and to select appropriate instructional strategies for differentiating instruction and facilitating higher achievement goals.


“Creating an environment of systematic change that can be sustained over the course of a school year and years to come is the goal of every principal. Our staff’s commitment to using different strategies to reach Quad D on a regular basis and embracing cultural change within our school unlocked unfounded momentum that had been dormant for years. My staff, students, and community are now energized and truly believe in our school.”

Dennis “Chip” Medders
Troup County  Comprehensive High School

Designing Curriculum to Support State Standards

When your vision includes designing an effective, engaging curriculum that supports the state standards, ICLE can partner with you through its Rigorous Curriculum Design (RCD) process.

Through the collaborative RCD process from, educators will acquire the capacity to develop and implement high-quality curricula. Your instructional leadership team will learn how to:

  • Design grade-or course-specific units of study
  • Lay the foundation for designing a connected K–12 curriculum
  • Use formative assessment, performance tasks, and data analysis to guide instruction
  • Organize, implement and sustain the model systemwide


Taking Georgia PLCs to the Next Level with Data Teams

Data Teams® enable schools and school systems to break down the silos of individual practice and create professional teams of educators who continuously reflect on and improve their practice.

Data Teams® process from ICLE is a collaborative model for implementing data-driven decision making at the instructional level, providing a structure for teachers to specifically identify areas of student need and jointly deciding on the best instructional approach in response to those needs.

See Data Teams in action at Lexington and Richmond School Districts:

Balanced Literacy for Georgia’s Readers and Writers

Building a strong foundation of literacy provides the groundwork for academic and career achievement, and nurtures a lifetime love of learning.

To prepare strong, confident readers and writers, we need to be equipped to meet the literacy needs of all students. Embracing a Balanced Literacy framework is an excellent start, but success rests on the strength of the instruction, leadership, and school culture that support it.

ICLE’s Balanced Literacy (K-6): Essentials of Authentic Reading and Writing solutions target the needs of leaders and teachers to grow awareness, develop expertise, and establish sustainable change:

  • Instructional Practices Assessment examines data to identify gaps in your Balanced Literacy initiative
  • In-person professional learning courses strengthen expertise of leaders and teachers
  • Job-embedded instructional and leadership coaching targets specific learning goals


Our Shared Journey

Our mission is to advance yours. To create meaningful improvements to your literacy initiative, we’ll work side-by-side to:

Inspire a Culture of Math Achievement

Improve the effectiveness of math instruction with Number Talks, Math Workshop, and other professional learning opportunities from Math Solutions.

Math Solutions professional learning doesn’t just inspire individual teachers; it transforms the culture of a school. With more than 30 years of experience focusing exclusively on mathematics, Math Solutions helps your teachers deepen their content and pedagogical expertise in order to drive student learning.

Featured Solutions:

  • Number Talks‒This valuable classroom routine aids students in making sense of mathematics, developing efficient computation strategies, communicating reasoning, and proving solutions.
  • Math Workshop‒Our Professional Learning resource and course supports Math Workshop, a model for organizing standards-based instruction to support all learners in the mathematics classroom.
  • Coaching‒Delivered by Math Solutions coaching experts, our job-embedded individual and team coaching services support teachers by modeling lessons in the classroom and making sense of student and assessment data.


Blended Learning Strategies for Georgia's HMH Classrooms

How can educators bring together the best of old school wisdom and new school technology to enhance instruction and improve student outcomes? View this on-demand webinar series and classroom resources to find out!

In this series, ICLE Senior Fellow and author Weston Kieschnick explores proven teaching strategies from Bold School, providing actionable insights and examples of how to implement them with HMH resources.

Kickoff Webinar: Bold School: Old School Wisdom + New School Technology = Blended Learning that Works

In this kickoff webinar, Weston outlines his Bold School Framework for Blended Learning. Explore how high impact teaching strategies can be effectively reimagined with a blended learning lens.

View On-Demand
Download the Bold School Interactive Framework

Series Follow Up Sessions: High Impact Teaching Strategies Through a Bold School Lens

You voted, and we listened! Our follow up webinars will take a deeper dive into select high impact teaching strategies, providing actionable insights and examples of how to implement them with HMH resources.

Reciprocal Teaching
View On-Demand
Download a Sample Activity for your HMH Program

Reciprocal teaching can be used effectively across all subject areas, including ELA, social studies, math and science, to improve literacy and comprehension with a simple four step process: Predict, Clarify, Question, and Summarize.

Highly Effective Vocabulary Strategies 
View On-Demand
Download a Sample Activity for your HMH Program

A highly effective vocabulary strategy is one that teaches in a structured way, where words are related to core concepts being learned and are delivered in context. Repetitive exposure and being able to picture words also promotes retention. Leveraging technology can amplify these strategies by creating rigorous thinking around words while helping to commit them to memory.

Meet the Coach!

Weston Kieschnick, of the International Center for Leadership in Education® (ICLE), has elevated student learning and driven change in multiple capacities. Weston began his educational career as a social studies teacher and department chair in Hamilton, Bermuda, where he was a three-time recipient of the public schools’ “Most Influential Teacher” award.

Now, Weston shares his expertise to help teachers stay on top of their game and create clear pathways for school and district transformation. An avid blogger and advocate of blended learning experiences, Weston motivates educators to move beyond the ordinary and reach their potential as true innovators for learning.


Georgia Schools Making an Impact

Each year, ICLE recognizes schools and districts who are making an impact at the annual Model Schools Conference.

The Model School recognition is reserved for individual schools who are high performing or have made rapid improvements over the past three years. Model Schools also demonstrate use of exemplary practices that can be shared with other educators at the national Model Schools Conference. The Innovative District recognition highlights the innovative thinking and best practices that drive systemic change across a school district.

2018 Georgia Model Schools and Innovative Districts:

  • Westlake High School, Atlanta, GA: Principles of Leading Rapid Improvement
  • Westside Pre-Engineering Magnet High School, Macon, GA: Rapid Touraround
  • Cherokee Public Schools, Canton, GA: Becoming a System of Effective Instruction
  • Troup County School System, LaGrange, GA: Developing Effective Teacher Leaders

Learn more about Models Schools Conference 2018

2017 Georgia Model Schools:

  • Sweet Apple Elementary School, Roswell, GA: Building a Culture of Sustainable Leadership: Growing Teacher Leaders
  • Carver Road Middle School, Griffin, GA: Improving the ABCs: Attendance, Behavior and Culture
  • McClarin Success Academy, College Park, GA: Holding High Expectations for Rigorous Learning

Read their stories

“In Year 2 of our partnership with ICLE, we have established a shared vision for systemic change built off existing improvement efforts already in place at our schools.  ICLE consistently seeks our feedback and makes any necessary adjustments in their work to meet our needs.  Overall student performance is showing significant growth and progress since we began our work with ICLE.  Among our goals in this work is for one of our schools to present at a Model Schools Conference by 2021.  We are well on our way!”

Chuck Bell
Superintendent of Schools
Elbert County School District

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