Language Acquisition

Our world is becoming more and more connected with the advancement of technology. HMH Language Acquisition programs deliver engaging, differentiated instruction that builds students’ confidence, empowering them to express themselves in an ever-shrinking world.

¡Avancemos! —Spanish for Grades 6–12

Spanish for Grades 6–12

¡Avancemos! is a proven Spanish curriculum for Grades 6–12 designed to reach all students in the Spanish classroom. With rich cultural content, personalized instruction, and interactive technology, ¡Avancemos! makes learning Spanish accessible and fun. Mobile-ready Online Editions motivate students and put the Spanish-speaking world in their hands. Learn why ¡Avancemos! is the Spanish curriculum of choice for Gwinnett County Public School teachers.

Bien dit! —French for Grades 6–12

French for Grades 6–12

Bien dit!® gives students the ability—and confidence—to thrive in a multilingual world. This highly interactive middle and high school French curriculum features a powerful blend of culture, instruction, and technology. Resources include the HMH French Vocabulary app, News and Networking, and Performance Space Dashboard. Mobile-ready Online Editions motivate students and put the French-speaking world in their hands.

Abriendo puertas: ampliando perspectivas —AP Spanish

AP Spanish

Abriendo puertas: ampliando perspectivas contains selections on the required reading list for the AP Spanish Literature and Culture course. With multiple genres that represent Spanish-language literature from around the world, Abriendo puertas provides extensive support, including comprehensive online resources.

On Our Way to English —English Language Development program for Grades K–5

English Language Development program for Grades K–5

On Our Way to English® is a comprehensive English language development program that provides everything teachers need for effective instruction. Domain-based instruction includes a focus on academic language and vocabulary development; thematic, content-based instruction; differentiated instruction for language and literacy; and a daily instructional routine in oral language, reading, and writing. Engaging online and digital tools motivate English learners.

Escalate English —English Language Development program for Grades 4 - 8

English Language Development program for Grades 4 - 8

CODiE Award Winner Escalate English © 2017 is built on the new English Language Development standards and designed to deliver best instructional practices for long-term English learners in Grades 4-8, supported by an intuitive and dynamic online learning environment for accelerating academic language growth.

What sets Escalate English apart?

  • Rapid increases in academic language proficiency for long-term English learners
  • Dynamic access to meaningful print and digital content on- and offline makes the difference
  • Instruction with high expectations for students combined with state of-the-art support, while meeting teachers’ flexibility needs

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