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Why make the move to Into Math™?
Imagine a solution that has what you love about GO Math!®–and more.


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Math for Hawaii Students

Classrooms that come alive with mathematicians who own their learning? Our new Into Math™ solution can make it happen. The program combines flexible professional learning, robust assessment tools, and a variety of curricular resources that are thoughtfully designed for teacher and student success. Your learners will build mastery through:

Real-world problem solving

Hands-on activities

Inquiry-based tasks

Mathematical discourse

See the difference Into Math can make for your students!

Into Math™ —K-8


Into Math™ was built from expert insights and real teacher feedback to deliver a student-centered, outcomes-driven approach to learning mathematics that supports deeper understanding of concepts along with true procedural fluency and application embedded throughout.

Student Experience

Into Math delivers a learning experience that keeps students engaged in mathematics. The skills students build with Into Math push them to grow in their mathematical thinking and practice. Resources in the solution are designed to ensure accessibility and achievement for all.

Differentiate for Every Need

  • Individual: Leveled student resources mean individual students can work through “On My Own” problems that match their level and support their growth.
  • Small Group: At math task center stations, students work together on games and activities that reinforce lessons and talk between peers.
  • Teacher Guided: Teacher tabletop flipchart activities give students the chance to work directly on the skills they need with teacher guidance. Additional proficiency level supports included help engage English language learners.


Conceptual Meets Procedural

Into Math supports students as they develop their conceptual understanding and grow into procedurally fluent mathematicians. Lessons begin with the opportunity for students to express what they already know and challenge themselves with what might be coming next. Question prompts throughout lessons check understanding and motivate students to start conversations about mathematics using mathematical language.


The Lesson Design

Every lesson begins with rigor right from the start. Independent learning tasks encourage students to practice productive perseverance by jumping into a new challenge or working collaboratively to solve problems while teachers guide and differentiate instruction.



Predict and Accelerate Growth

Into Math was built to ensure growth for each and every student.

With confident educators and empowered students, the journey toward a true depth of understanding and a culture of growth in every mathematics classroom becomes an achievable reality.


  • Invest in You: Ensure confidence in mathematics instruction with embedded tools and technology, and gain back the time to focus on helping your students.
  • Create Fearless Problem Solvers: Build student confidence by helping them unlock higher mathematical thinking and develop productive perseverance in problem solving.
  • Foster a Culture of Growth: Using the research and support of Mindset Works® combined with powerful data analytics and dynamic teacher supports, the result is a learning culture where all embrace learning mathematics.

Into Math™ Resources and All GREEN EdReports score

Into Math™ has been awarded all-green scores from EdReports™!

•Evidence-Based Instruction/EdReports
•Research and efficacy is at the heart of our solutions
•We elevate teaching practice & make learning fun for students

Virtual Math Author Event For Hawaii

We held a special virtual author event with Hawaii educators featuring Dr. Matt Larson in February 2021. In case you missed it or you’d like to refer back to revisit their inspiring discussion, we recorded it for you! Click the link to the right and enjoy 🙂

Free Classroom Resources for Hawaii Teachers —click here to view

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Grades 1–5
Looking to use up leftover candy from Halloween? Check out these lessons and activities that involve using candy and chocolate. You’re sure to get your students’ attention when you bring out the M&M’s and candy bars! Peruse the Lessons.

Games for Hands-On Learning
Grades K–8
Capture your students’ attention with these fun and engaging math games from Math in Focus®: Singapore Math®: by Marshall Cavendish®! They can be played in school or at home to learn new skills and practice solving problems in different ways. Download FREE Games.

Promote Positive Attitudes with this FREE Poster!
Grades 5–12
Help your students develop the 9 habits of a growth mindset. This poster from MATH 180® will be a great addition to your classroom and can even be shared with parents supporting budding mathematicians at home. Download Poster.

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