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Assessment Solutions

Our solutions address every need with a portfolio of tools that help you observe, measure, and understand where your students are and how to get them where they need to be. They offer the ease of use and flexibility needed to evaluate learning challenges and improve instructional outcomes.

HMH Math Inventory —Grades K-12

Grades K-12

HMH Math Inventory is an adaptive, research-based assessment that reliably measures math ability and progress from Kindergarten to Algebra II in significantly less time than traditional assessments. Smart praise, based on mindset research, reinforces student knowledge and keeps confidence high throughout the assessment. Once complete, teachers are provided with data that have been transformed into actionable teaching strategies for each student.

Reading Counts! —Grades K-12

Grades K-12

Reading Counts! leverages your independent reading program into a measurable and highly motivating literacy resource. This Lexile®-based independent reading program tracks students’ success on the books they read, in and out of school. Software-based reading recommendations, assessment, instant feedback, and monitoring are just some of the tools that help turn all students into successful independent readers.

HMH Reading Inventory® —Grades K-12

Grades K-12

Balancing the demands of today’s academic standards with the developmental readiness of each student is at the heart of effective teaching. Reading Inventory helps teachers strike this balance by providing a low-stress, adaptive assessment tool that provides student, school, and district-wide data.

HMH Phonics Inventory® —Grades 3-12

Grades 3-12

The Phonics Inventory empowers educators to quickly identify which students are in need of intensive foundational skills intervention and which would be better served with resources focused on comprehension and fluency. Fast, accurate, and scalable—Phonics Inventory takes the guesswork out of accurately placing students into appropriate reading intervention programs.

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