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Early Learning Solutions

Early childhood is a time to encourage a love of learning and school with engaging instruction that allows children to develop their natural curiosity. With a comprehensive curriculum, engaging libraries, and innovative applications for home and school, HMH provides young learners with every opportunity to build the foundations for lifelong achievement in PreK–Grade 2.

See how our early learning solutions can work in your classroom.

Big Day for PreK® —Pre-K


Based on years of research that demonstrate the importance of teacher-student interactions, immediate and regular access to the best literature available, and the need for social-emotional development instruction, Big Day for PreK offers teachers a thematic and integrated approach to guiding our youngest learners.

iRead® —K-2


By employing a powerful combination of personalized learning, embedded assessment, complementary technology, and the opportunity for small-group instruction, teachers are able to close the achievement gap before it has the chance to develop. Compliant with Universal Design for Learning recommendations, iRead technology puts success at every child’s fingertips. Whether students are English Learners, have special needs, or need grade-level support, iRead drives success every step of the way.

Math Expressions —Pre-K-6


Research tells us that students who start kindergarten with a high level of math understanding do better in both math and reading after kindergarten. With that in mind, we developed Math Expressions Early Learning Resources to provide early learners with the understanding they need to confidently take the first and subsequent steps of their mathematics journey.

JillE Literacy —K-3


Rigby JillE Literacy is a balanced literacy experience that offers resources to engage readers, spark critical thinking, and inspire curiosity. JillE LiteracyStudent Books include delightful stories for K–3 students with  authentic learning opportunities. The embedded professional development within the instructional tools helps teachers gain the time to focus on their teaching and supports them in easily introducing balanced literacy into their classrooms.

Hero Academy —Grades PreK-4 (Supplemental Literacy)

Grades PreK-4 (Supplemental Literacy)

A NEW Series from Rigby® Integrates literacy, SEL, and engaging activities

In this irresistible series for Pre-K–4, seven inspiring student- superheroes face challenges presented by eight unforgettable villains. As the heroic students progress through adventurous plots, they model SEL qualities that help YOUR students develop important social-emotional skills.

Hero Academy helps students build comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and other key literacy skills essential for meeting today’s rigorous standards.

  • Increase students’ desire to keep reading with engaging themes and topics
  • Foster curiosity, analysis, and synthesis
  • Make real-world connections
  • Encourage the use of writing and speaking to express high depth-of-knowledge levels

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