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ELA/Reading Solutions

Maximize imagination. Amplify success. Every student should wield the inspirational power of literacy. From core-rich reading instruction to adaptive assessments and technology-driven targeted interventions, our solutions are designed to engage, empower, and propel reading success for the whole classroom.

Lead the way to literacy and set every student on a path to reading proficiency.

Saxon Phonics and Spelling —Grades K-3 (Supplemental Literacy)

Grades K-3 (Supplemental Literacy)

Giving Mississippi Students the tools they need for a lifetime of reading success

The Saxon Phonics and Spelling approach to teaching phonics and spelling concepts is based on solid foundational research in cognitive science and has been found to be consistently effective for children of varying ability levels and socioeconomic backgrounds.


Using the Grade 3 Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) ELA Assessment results, the average annual growth of both Saxon Phonics and Spelling program users and non-users were compared. The analysis—which included data from 2016, 2017, and 2018 school years—indicated that third graders in Mississippi districts and schools using Saxon Phonics and Spelling had greater
positive annual growth than their peers at schools and districts not currently using the program.

“I love [the Saxon Phonics and Spelling program]—in six years of teaching, this is the first time I feel like I can teach reading. I’m feeling comfortable teaching  reading.” —Second-Grade Teacher

Building the strong reading foundation every student deserves can be a struggle. Saxon Phonics and Spelling was created to support you in rising to the challenge.

Born out of a mother’s personal mission to help her son, Saxon Phonics and Spelling was developed to provide targeted foundational skill instruction and interactive, multisensory classroom kits to keep students engaged, excited, and advancing. Backed by years of research and proven results, Saxon Phonics and Spelling supports you in meeting the needs of every learner—regardless of where they are on their journey.

Journeys —K-6 (Core)

K-6 (Core)

When things begin to line up, you can see confidence start to shine in students’ eyes. Journeys is a comprehensive K-6 English language arts program. It provides an instructional system for reading both literature and informational texts, for acquiring foundational skills, and for developing mastery of speaking, listening and writing.

Journeys Literacy Workshop —Grades K–6 (Core)

Grades K–6 (Core)

Teach to the individual needs of your students with Journeys Literacy Workshop, a comprehensive and flexible English language arts program. Filled with award-winning authentic literature and thousands of leveled readers, the program offers expert instruction for creating a balanced literacy classroom and provides all of the resources for charting your own path. Adventure awaits!

Collections —Grades 6-12 (Core)

Grades 6-12 (Core)

Collections is proven effective at creating thoughtful, passionate readers in the classroom. Teachers put the learning in their students’ hands. Collections presents materials and activities in a variety of ways, allowing students to interact with different types of content.

Students have the tools they need to think critically, expand their curiosity, and tackle challenging concepts—which helps them learn to close read selections and prepare for high-stakes assessments.

Hero Academy —Grades PreK-4 (Supplemental Literacy)

Grades PreK-4 (Supplemental Literacy)

A NEW Series from Rigby® Integrates literacy, SEL, and engaging activities

In this irresistible series for Pre-K–4, seven inspiring student- superheroes face challenges presented by eight unforgettable villains. As the heroic students progress through adventurous plots, they model SEL qualities that help YOUR students develop important social-emotional skills.

Hero Academy helps students build comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and other key literacy skills essential for meeting today’s rigorous standards.

  • Increase students’ desire to keep reading with engaging themes and topics
  • Foster curiosity, analysis, and synthesis
  • Make real-world connections
  • Encourage the use of writing and speaking to express high depth-of-knowledge levels

HMH Into Reading™ —Grades K-6 (Core)

Grades K-6 (Core)

HMH Into Reading™ is differentiated by design to offer a balanced approach to literacy instruction, support teachers in developing a culture of learning and growth, and help all learners believe in the power of “I can.”

HMH Into Literature™ —Grades 6-12 (Core)

Grades 6-12 (Core)

Our program was driven by educators! We met with educators across the nation to hear about their unique obstacles and challenges. What we learned informed this next-generation literacy solution—right down to the smallest detail. This is teaching and learning as you have always envisioned it.

From creating storyboards and podcasts to collaborating with peers in text analysis, HMH Into Literature equips students with the strategies they need to strengthen reading, writing, and communication skills.

Leveled Readers and Bookrooms —Grades K–6 (Supplemental Literacy)

Grades K–6 (Supplemental Literacy)

The right book can inspire a love of reading in any child. Each leveled reading series offers a range of titles that meet students where they are and grows with them from one level to the next. Stories come to life with both long-time favorites and new characters guiding students to reading confidence.

iRead® —Grades K-2 (Intervention)

Grades K-2 (Intervention)

By employing a powerful combination of personalized learning, embedded assessment, complementary technology, and the opportunity for small-group instruction, teachers are able to close the achievement gap before it has the chance to develop. Compliant with Universal Design for Learning recommendations, iRead technology puts success at every child’s fingertips. Whether students are English Learners, have special needs, or need grade-level support, iRead drives success every step of the way.

READ 180® —Grades 4-12 (Intervention)

Grades 4-12 (Intervention)

When a striving reader gets their first real taste of reading, something extraordinary happens: Walls come down. Confidence builds. And “I can’t do it” becomes “I can’t be stopped.”

As the leading blended learning solution, READ 180® helps students who are two or more years behind become active, accomplished readers. By bringing teachers, families, and adaptive technology together, it meets students on their unique paths to provide a truly personalized experience.

SYSTEM 44® —Grades 3-12 (Intervention)

Grades 3-12 (Intervention)

For students who are significantly behind or have learning challenges, success means more than improved reading scores. It means broader academic achievement, the pursuit of a college education, and a career path that allows them to reach their fullest potential.

System 44® places all students, at any level, on a path to achievement and provides the foundational tools they need to achieve real success in school and life.

Waggle® —Grades 2-8 (Intervention & Supplemental)

Grades 2-8 (Intervention & Supplemental)

Complimentary Waggle pilot through June 30, 2020, to districts or schools that can meet required pilot commitment criteria.

Waggle is the award-winning adaptive Math and ELA solution that personalizes learning, unifies resources, and empowers teachers.

Focus on Actionable Insights
Unlike other programs, Waggle gauges students’ understanding DURING practice, eliminating the need for repeated assessment. The intelligent adaptive engine analyzes multiple data points (including behavioral) to provide students with the right practice at the right time.

Writable® —Grades 3-12 (Supplemental Literacy)

Grades 3-12 (Supplemental Literacy)

Complimentary Writable pilot through June 30, 2020, to districts or schools that can meet required pilot commitment criteria.

Writable Delivers the Robust Tools Needed for Improving Student Writing Across Genres.

Effective written communication brings power to expressing and sharing ideas. Every student deserves the opportunity to experience this power by practicing and becoming proficient in writing.

With a suite of robust tools, Writable delivers assignments and grading supports that free up time, so you can focus on guiding students on their journey to become skilled writers.

With Writable, your teaching benefits from:
  • Concrete strategies and built-in tools to help writers gain deeper insight into what makes a written work shine.
  • Accessible rubrics to inform self-reflection and help students deliver anonymous peer feedback across genres.
  • Digital tools to observe, comment, strategically grade and customize support to provide a transparent lens into individual student’s needs.
  • Auto-generated reports that offer data across standards-aligned skills, so you can make data-informed teaching decisions.

Rigby JillE Literacy —K-3 (Core)

K-3 (Core)

Rigby JillE Literacy is a balanced literacy experience that offers resources to engage readers, spark critical thinking, and inspire curiosity. JillE Literacy Student Books include delightful stories for K–3 students with authentic learning opportunities. The embedded professional development within the instructional tools helps teachers gain the time to focus on their teaching and supports them in easily introducing balanced literacy into their classrooms.

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