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Social Studies Solutions

Rich programs challenge assumptions and encourage critical thinking.

With partners like HISTORY® and Google®, we’re creating a new arena in the classroom where students can relive, re-imagine, and reflect on our past and present. Our content adheres to both Core Standards and the C3 Framework, giving students a solid foundation for excelling in college, career, and civic life. We help teachers make the most of limited class time and allow students to learn on their own terms through differentiated instruction and interactive tools.

Into Social Studies™ —Grades K-6

Grades K-6

When students are given the chance to think and act like historians, they develop the active analytical skills they’ll need to succeed in college, career, and civic life. Into Social Studies explores the past and present, inviting learners to tackle challenging questions about our global community while providing teachers with the tools they need to meet new academic standards with limited class time.

HMH Social Studies —Grades 6-12

Grades 6-12

HMH Social Studies presents the rich, endlessly inventive story of our world, challenging students to dig deep into the past, ask questions, uncover the connections to their world today, and prepare for tomorrow.

Social Studies Advanced Placement & Electives

From Geography to Economics and Psychology, our Social Studies solutions encourage students to discover how various people, places, cultures, and concepts intertwine to create the world we live in.

Hero Academy —Grades PreK-4 (Supplemental Literacy)

Grades PreK-4 (Supplemental Literacy)

A NEW Series from Rigby® Integrates literacy, SEL, and engaging activities

In this irresistible series for Pre-K–4, seven inspiring student- superheroes face challenges presented by eight unforgettable villains. As the heroic students progress through adventurous plots, they model SEL qualities that help YOUR students develop important social-emotional skills.

Hero Academy helps students build comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and other key literacy skills essential for meeting today’s rigorous standards.

  • Increase students’ desire to keep reading with engaging themes and topics
  • Foster curiosity, analysis, and synthesis
  • Make real-world connections
  • Encourage the use of writing and speaking to express high depth-of-knowledge levels

Independent Reading Libraries —Grades K-8

Grades K-8

Provide access to books students can read and want to read to impact their literacy development.

Having lots of books in a classroom is good. But when a classroom is filled with appealing books, in a wide variety of genres, at text levels that match the reading abilities of your students, it’s a game-changer. Students are motivated to read, assume more agency in their learning, and develop the skills and habits of lifelong readers.

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