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Explore high-quality assessments designed for a variety of needs. All of our solutions, which were formerly under the Riverside® brand, are carefully designed to support lifelong learning.

NYSTL Approved Assessments


Our solutions address every need with a portfolio of tools that help you observe, measure, and understand where your students are and how to get them where they need to be. They offer the ease of use and flexibility needed to evaluate learning challenges and improve instructional outcomes.

Amira Learning™ —Grades K-3

Grades K-3

Experience Amira Learning™, a state-of-the-art online assessment that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to administer an oral reading fluency assessment and screen students who may be at risk for dyslexia. Proven effective with all students, including English learners, Amira saves teachers time and automates scoring, running records, and reporting.

Spend time instructing, not assessing

Each time a student reads, Amira listens and learns, empowering teachers to reclaim instructional time by automating scoring, running records, reporting, and progress monitoring.


Early intervention with proven results

Amira delivers micro-interventions in these categories: phonological awareness; decoding; sight recognition; logic, literacy knowledge, and language structures; and knowledge building.

Teacher’s Assistant
Amira focuses on tutoring, not instruction. This keeps the teacher in control while enabling the student to benefit from personal attention.

Effective and Research-Based
Amira’s impact has been measured at three times greater than those of leading reading apps.

Actionable Reporting
Amira’s actionable reporting facilitates teacher instruction and parent involvement.


Screener features include:

Quick and targeted assessments
Amira takes 5 to 7 minutes to administer and targets alphabetic knowledge, phonological awareness, and word reading in Grades K–3.

Alternate equivalent forms
Multiple versions of the screener are provided for each grade level, so students can be screened multiple times each year.

Standardized directions
Screener administration and scoring, powered by AI, create a consistent protocol.

Established consistency and effectiveness
Backed by more than a decade of research for the TPRI® Early Reading Assessment, Amira has shown consistent reliability and predictive validity.

Amira earns prizes on the global stage and continues to raise the bar across the reading assessment landscape.


  • Honored as a SXSW EDU® Launch Finalist for 2019
  • Awarded the XPrize for Learning for the Carnegie Mellon University technology fueling Amira 
  • Selected as 1 of 12 leading global startups by the Global Education Summit 
  • Won the Hatch Pitch Contest
  • Awarded 2019 ISTE® Best of Show

HMH Math Inventory® —Grades K–12

Grades K–12

HMH Math Inventory is an adaptive, research-based assessment that reliably measures math ability and progress from Kindergarten to Algebra II in significantly less time than traditional assessments. Smart praise, based on mindset research, reinforces student knowledge and keeps confidence high throughout the assessment. Once complete, teachers are provided with data that have been transformed into actionable teaching strategies for each student.

HMH Reading Inventory® —Grades K–12

Grades K–12

Reading Inventory helps teachers strike this balance by providing a low-stress, adaptive assessment tool that provides student, school, and district-wide data. Reading Inventory provides teachers with the data they need to create, implement, and adjust personalized instruction. Reading Inventory’s adaptive software gives teachers a research-based growth assessment for K–12 and places instructional planning and personalization recommendations at their fingertips.

HMH Phonics Inventory® —Grades 3–12

Grades 3–12

The Phonics Inventory empowers educators to quickly identify which students are in need of intensive foundational skills intervention and which would be better served with resources focused on comprehension and fluency. Fast, accurate, and scalable—Phonics Inventory takes the guesswork out of accurately placing students into appropriate reading intervention programs.

Who Is a Candidate? 

Which of your students are best served by Phonics Inventory?

  • Students in Grades 3-12
  • Students at or below an established percentile on state or national assessments
  • Students at or below an established Lexile® measure on the Reading Inventory®
  • Students who tend to use visual memory and sight word recall for reading and/or cannot work with new words independently

iRead® —Grades K–2

Grades K–2

iRead® harnesses the power of an “I can” attitude to create proficient, excited readers by Grade 3. Leveraging the motivating power of success, iRead’s adaptive technology adjusts instruction to meet children where they are and provides explicit instruction and guided practice to build mastery. Whether traveling through the program’s virtual Beastie Hall classrooms with their personalized avatar or engaging in learning center activities with peers, children experience, share, and demonstrate success and develop the confidence needed for continued academic achievement.

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