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Join Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® as we combine programs that inspire students to explore the cultures that make up our world today. Our rich Tennessee content encourages students to not only learn, but grow.

Social Studies Offerings

HMH Kids Discover Social Studies —Grades K-6

Grades K-6

Motivate students to explore their world. Built to inspire curiosity and cultivate analytical skills, HMH® Kids Discover® Social Studies offers hands-on lessons and activities, graphic magazines, and digital assets that fit into any classroom schedule.

Research shows that building prior knowledge leads to greater understanding. HMH Kids Discover Social Studies showcases content that connects students to the world and prepares them to become contributing members of our society.

HMH Kids Discover Social Studies offers educators:

  • Flexibility to teach social studies while meeting literacy goals
  • Content that captivates with vibrant magazines and high-interest topics
  • Support to enhance student engagement and teacher efficiency


You can request access to preview HMH Kids Discover Social Studies on the new Ed: Your Friend in Learning system here.

HMH Social Studies —Grades 6-12

Grades 6-12

HMH Social Studies asks students to uncover the connections and inspires students to look beneath the surface—to identify relationships, note influences, and introduce ideas that challenge assumptions.

These next generation social studies programs foster students’ curiosity and cultivate their analytical skills to succeed in college, career, and civic life.

HMH Social Studies in your classroom:

  • Makes meaningful connections with immersive experiences that bring history to life
  • Develops active inquiry skills so students become productive citizens and contribute positively to society
  • Forges student-centered partnerships that provide opportunity for lifelong success


You can request access to preview HMH Social Studies on the new Ed: Your Friend in Learning system here.

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