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English Language Arts & Reading Programs


Maximize imagination. Amplify success. Every student should wield the inspirational power of literacy. From core-rich reading instruction to adaptive assessments and technology-driven targeted interventions, our solutions are designed to engage, empower, and propel reading success for the whole classroom.

Lead the way to literacy and set every student on a path to reading proficiency.

HMH Into Reading® —Grades K–6

Grades K–6

HMH Into Reading™ is differentiated by design to offer a balanced approach to literacy instruction, support teachers in developing a culture of learning and growth, and help all learners believe in the power of “I can.” From inspiring learners to supporting educators, HMH Into Reading was built to address the needs of the entire learning community to facilitate outcomes that elevate students, schools, districts, and communities. HMH Into Reading is also available in Spanish, HMH ¡Arriba la Lectura!


  • Invest in Teachers: Intuitive and agile teaching tools allow you to do what you do best—deliver powerful, differentiated instruction.
  • Captivate Readers, Cultivate Writers: High-quality texts combine with engaging reading and writing workshops to strengthen critical skills.
  • Foster a Culture of Growth: An exclusive partnership with Mindset Works ensures the best program support for nurturing a Growth Mindset® every day.


Curate a Library That Captivates

Explore the captivating, authentic literature that lies at the heart of HMH Into Reading with our interactive online collection. Log in to browse a wide selection of beloved K-6 titles and enter for a chance to upgrade your library for free!

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Combine Writable® with HMH Into Reading to strengthen and streamline your writing lessons with mentor texts, prompts, rubrics, and stored comments that reinforce the writing process while supporting teachers.

When writing and reading join together, students soar.

  • Writable‘s online writing tools meet Into Reading‘s world-class literature to ensure students have direct access to high-quality mentor texts during every step of the writing process.
  • Student-friendly rubrics always guide drafting and revision, along with optional anonymous peer reviews and feedback on structure and organization, powered by AI.
  • Customizable, state-specific writing prompts and rubrics prepare students for high stakes assessments.

Discover how Writable can help your students reach new heights.

HMH Into Literature® —Grades 6–12

Grades 6–12

Our program was driven by educators! We met with educators across the nation to hear about their unique obstacles and challenges. What we learned informed this next-generation literacy solution—right down to the smallest detail. This is teaching and learning as you have always envisioned it.

From creating storyboards and podcasts to collaborating with peers in text analysis, HMH Into Literature equips students with the strategies they need to strengthen reading, writing, and communication skills.

Develop Engaged Readers and Critical Thinkers

  • A robust student choice library ensures every student finds literature that ignites their passion and keeps them engaged in reading.
  • Embedded Notice & Note strategies prompt students to dig deeper into texts, annotate, infer meaning, and transfer that meaning to the world around them.
  • Write-In texts offer students the ability to annotate, engage in text-dependent analysis, and collect ideas for writing.

Inspire Lifelong Reading

Explore some of the beloved literature that lies at the heart of HMH Into Literature with our interactive online collection. Log in to browse a wide selection of beloved 6-12 titles and enter for a chance to upgrade your library with 10 free books!

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Culturally relevant, diverse literature engages and personalizes every student’s reading experience.

Over 1000+ print and digital novels to choose from for teachers to build classroom libraries. Extensive list of contemporary and diverse selections for engaging reluctant and motivated readers.

Differentiation resources include leveled and adapted texts, Text Sketches, Peer Coach videos, and more to meet the needs of all learners.

Media Projects extend learning and showcase students’ digital skills.

HMH Current Events provide timely, relevant articles from trusted sites such as Newsela®, The Guardian®, CNN®, and more!

Flexible, Personalized Teaching Experience with empowered decisions through data and reporting

Writable® —Grades 3–12

Grades 3–12

With Writable®, you can deliver the support your students need and align assignments to today’s English Language Arts standards. Writable‘s online suite of tools invites students to engage in purposeful writing. They can develop drafts, and reflect on and incorporate feedback to make their writing stronger by using student-friendly rubrics as guides. Watch great writing emerge and flourish, through the robust supports built into Writable.

Waggle® —Grades K–8

Grades K–8

Waggle is designed specifically to cultivate resilience while advancing students’ Math and English Language Arts proficiency levels. By prioritizing fun, engaging practice and interactive learning over testing and leveling, Waggle offers educators an award-winning, personalized learning solution that combines adaptive learning technology, real-world teacher feedback, and gaming elements to engage students in a rigorous practice environment.

Rigby JillE Literacy® —Grades K–3

Grades K–3

Rigby JillE Literacy is a balanced literacy experience that offers resources to engage readers, spark critical thinking, and inspire curiosity. JillE Literacy Student Books include delightful stories for K–3 students with  authentic learning opportunities. The embedded professional development within the instructional tools helps teachers gain the time to focus on their teaching and supports them in easily introducing balanced literacy into their classrooms.

Leveled Readers and Bookrooms —Grades K–6

Grades K–6

The right book can inspire a love of reading in any child. Each leveled reading series offers a range of titles that meet students where they are and grows with them from one level to the next. Stories come to life with both long-time favorites and new characters guiding students to reading confidence.

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