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Leveled Readers & Classroom Libraries


Expect precise leveling, sound instruction, and proven success—all with the variety of genres and themes needed for supporting literacy and content standards. Our diverse collections of literary and informational texts will spark students’ interest and stretch reading growth. Our trusted content is age-appropriate, relevant, and engaging for all students, at every level.

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Hero Academy

Leveled Reading for Social-Emotional Skill Development, Grades K–4

Integrate literacy and social-emotional learning with this new leveled reading series from Rigby®.




Grades K–5

inFact’s leveled readers for Grades K–5 provide nonfiction informational texts that encourage students to read closely and find evidence while boosting their comprehension skills to propel them to success on high-stakes standardized tests.



JillE Literacy®

Balanced Literacy, Grades K–3

Systematically build students’ decoding, comprehension, and critical-thinking skills with these time-saving literacy texts and tools from Rigby.


Rigby® PM Leveled Readers

Leveled Reading/Guided Reading, Grades K-6

Reinforce and practice reading skills through controlled text elements and a wide exposure of text types and genres that provide enjoyment and understanding.



HMH Classroom Libraries

Grades K–5

Featuring trade books and leveled readers, these libraries will add socio-cultural diversity to your classroom, foster growth across subjects, and give elementary and middle school readers the opportunity to find just the right book.



Science & Engineering Classroom Libraries

Grades K-5

Each grade-level library includes science titles in the focus areas of engineering & design, physical science, life science, and earth & space science.



Social Studies Classroom Libraries

Grades K-5

Each grade-level library includes 40 social studies titles in the focus areas of history, civics & government, geography & maps, economics & financial literacy, and culture & community.



Spanish Classroom Libraries

Grades K-5

Raise language proficiency with independent reading that engages dual language students. Provide translations of best-selling books and high-interest cross-curricular leveled readers.



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