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HMH Professional Services helps schools and districts achieve measurable gains with a person-to-person approach to professional learning centered on student outcomes. With coaching, courses, consulting, and collaboration, we help you identify your goals and create an explicit pathway to achieving them.

Our Professional Services Team

Our unparalleled range of expertise stems from experience: we are former and current teachers, coaches, administrators, district leaders, curriculum specialists, subject area experts, ed tech leaders, and more—ready to integrate and work alongside your teams.


Coaching & Consulting

Meet your growth and achievement goals with a customized plan delivered by our professional coaches. We will conduct a needs assessment, perform a proprietary inventory of instructional practices, and collect baseline data. Through a collaborative environment, we will help your team translate theory into practice and ideas into behaviors.


What do successful athletes, Oscar-winning actors, and the heads of Fortune 500® companies have in common? They all have coaches helping them stay on top of their game. A strong coach can offer new perspective on how to hone your craft for optimal gains.



From academic performance to diverse populations, access to technology, knowledge gaps, and more, the factors that influence success are all interconnected. The only way to elevate a school or district as a whole is to design and implement the solution systemically. Whether you know your district’s unique challenges or need help identifying them, we equip you with insight and resources tailored to your specific goals.

On an ongoing basis, we collaborate and strategize plans for continued growth, guide you through best practices, and help you measure gains along the way to ensure sustained performance. Discover how our consultants can help you! Contact us.

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Professional courses are available to help teachers and administrators at all levels of experience build new skills quickly and effectively.

Real Outcomes, Real Impact —Click here to see results from districts like yours!

Click here to see results from districts like yours!

We deliver proven results. Our partner districts report high educator satisfaction and, most importantly, elevated student outcomes. See their success stories in action below.

Graduation rate increased 24 percentage points in 2 years.











CHALLENGE: In 2014–2015, Asbury Park School District (APSD) had the highest per-pupil expenditure ($33,000) and the lowest graduation rate (49%) in New Jersey.

SOLUTION: APSD and HMH developed an integrated solution including literacy and math intervention programs and professional learning designed to focus leaders, educators, and students on the goal of increasing student achievement.

RESULTS: From 2015–2017, the per-pupil expenditure was reduced by 3%, the graduation rate grew to 73%, and literacy intervention students demonstrated remarkable and rapid gains across all grade levels.

View the Asbury Park, NJ Impact Study



A 9% increase in K-5 math achievement in 1 year.
CHALLENGE: Only 56% of K–5 students met or exceeded expectations on the PARCC® mathematics assessment in 2015.

SOLUTION: LaGrange School District collaborated with HMH Professional Services to support math teachers with ongoing, job-embedded professional learning.

RESULTS: In just one year, student achievement on the PARCC mathematics assessment increased by 9%.

View the LaGrange District, IL Impact Study



A 27% decrease in high school discipline referrals in one year.


CHALLENGE: A 2015 instructional practice review revealed the need for a shift from a teacher centered approach to student-centered learning that would enable application of knowledge in real-world situations and enhance college and career readiness.

SOLUTION: The Troup County School System (TCSS) partnered with HMH Professional Services and the International Center for Leadership in Education® (ICLE) to develop a robust five-year professional learning plan for TCSS teachers.

RESULTS: From the first semester of 2016–2017 to the first semester of 2017–2018, discipline referrals in schools across the district decreased by 27%.

View the Troup County, GA Impact Study



 A seamless integration of technology district-wide.


CHALLENGE: The district needed support with implementing multiple programs without a dedicated support partner to advocate for solutions and tackle technical issues that arose.

SOLUTION: The HMH Technical Services team created a common forum for Fresno teachers and administrators to address their unique needs which helped foster a connected learning experience.

RESULTS: Fresno was able to seamlessly integrate the programs they were implementing as a result of careful planning and accomplish their long term goals for technology use within their district.

View the Fresno Unified, CA Impact Study



A successful implementation of 1:1 to maximize use of LMS.


CHALLENGE: Stand up a digital curriculum with HMH-provided content, LMS integration, 1:1 device rollout, data warehouse, and rostering support.

SOLUTION: An HMH Tech Advisor provided the Sapulpa technical staff with scaffolded support by troubleshooting and sharing best practices with the district.

RESULTS: Sapulpa is now utilizing their district LMS as a content repository for administrators, teachers, and students. The LMS is also being utilized as a professional development platform for staff development.

View the Sapulpa Public, OK Impact Study


International Center for Leadership in Education

With vision and the tools that support changes in practice, your leadership and instructional teams make continuous improvement that leads to remarkable student achievement. Our experienced practitioner thought leaders will help you create a sustainable future-focused vision.

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