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Science Programs


When you harness students’ natural curiosity, real learning happens. HMH science programs are designed to encourage student-directed learning and deeper understanding of concepts. Open students’ minds to a world of scientific thinking.

HMH Into Science™ —Grades K–5

Grades K–5

Flexible, Phenomenal, Student-Centered Science
Science programs for elementary students should be student-centered, easy to implement, supportive, and flexible enough to fit into an already busy instructional day. To meet those needs and more, HMH Into Science delivers a manageable, streamlined, engaging curriculum that combines hands-on learning with ELA-based science instruction. Confident science teachers. Strong student scientists. Healthy learning environments. How’s that for phenomenal?

HMH Science Dimensions® —Grades K–12

Grades K–12

Designed from the ground up to address the Next Generation Science Standards*, HMH Science Dimensions puts students in charge of their learning and enables teachers to seamlessly guide their students on this new instructional path. This unique design means better engagement, deeper understanding, and greater student achievement.

HMH Dimensiones de las Ciencias™ —Grades K–12

Grades K–12

HMH Dimensiones de las Ciencias is a new Spanish K–12 science curriculum designed specifically to address the Next Generation Science Standards and inspire Spanish learners to “think like a scientist” in and out of the classroom. Offer your Spanish speaking students a fully equitable journey into scientific exploration.

Science & Engineering Leveled Readers —Grades K–5

Grades K–5

Science & Engineering Leveled Readers provide solutions for entire classrooms and individual learners. These Leveled Readers deliver multiple reading levels—On-Level, Extra Support, and Enrichment—to help students build and strengthen science literacy. With print and digital options, Leveled Readers can be used to maximize student success

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