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Social Studies Programs


With partners like HISTORY® and Google®, we’re creating a new arena in the classroom where students can relive, re-imagine, and reflect on our past and present. Our content adheres to both Core Standards and the C3 Framework, giving students a solid foundation for excelling in college, career, and civic life. We help teachers make the most of limited class time and allow students to learn on their own terms through differentiated instruction and interactive tools.

Rich programs challenge assumptions and encourage critical thinking.

Into Social Studies™ —Grades K–6

Grades K–6

When students are given the chance to think and act like historians, they develop the active analytical skills they’ll need to succeed in college, career, and civic life. Into Social Studies explores the past and present, inviting learners to tackle challenging questions about our global community while providing teachers with the tools they need to meet new academic standards with limited class time.

Student Experience

Putting high-quality content in the hands of students from the earliest years empowers them with the choice to discover information that captivates them and fuels their love of learning.



Student Magazines deliver exciting, inquiry-based learning.

  •  Thrilling, relatable material delivered in a unique, accessible format ensures every student is motivated to learn more across a wide selection of grade-level topics.
  • Bite-sized content introduces a new experience each day, using vivid imagery and specific objectives to achieve content acquisition.
  • Hands-on activities with every lesson help students continuously process information, whether they’re creating skits, making posters, or “interviewing” historical figures.



Online learning creates deeper connections.

  • Ed Your Friend in Learning® is a system that personalizes the classroom experience, helping teachers create assignments and survey performance with ease while engaging students with intuitive content pathways.
  • Easy access to HMH In The News and HMHfyi gives students a taste of history in the making, with articles for all reading levels, videos, and resources.
  • Digital magazines include content and audio in both Spanish and English, encouraging all students to dive into material more fully.

Teacher Experience

The Teacher’s Guide offers scaffolded English Language Support and suggestions for keeping the whole class engaged with content, differentiation, and collaboration.



Teacher’s Guide supports instruction across a diverse classroom.

  • Objectives meet social studies content, ELA, and ELD standards, while scaffolded ELD support and flexible content integration help ensure every student is poised to advance.
  • Differentiated instruction tools build a strong knowledge base and promote effective expression for learners of every level, from struggling to advanced.
  • Connect feature helps teachers link social studies content to other disciplines and students’ everyday lives, allowing learners to broaden their horizons.

HMH Social Studies —Grades 6–12

Grades 6–12

HMH Social Studies presents the rich, endlessly inventive story of our world, challenging students to dig deep into the past, ask questions, uncover the connections to their world today, and prepare for tomorrow.


Social Studies Classroom Libraries —Grades K-5

Grades K-5

Each grade-level library includes 40 social studies titles in the focus areas of history, civics & government, geography & maps, economics & financial literacy, and culture & community.

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